Calling all Ghosts and Goblins ;)

Can't believe it is almost October already... Yes! We all survived that crazy first month of school. While the world around us slowly started to decolor, from green to orange and brown, we are in full action to prepare for our Halloween events!! Only a couple of weeks before we dive in to a different character, just for the fun of it. We love to see all your kids dress up, and dare you a little to join in their fun 😉 .

Saturday the 26th of October, we would like to celebrate together with our Midland Families. Starting with Trunk or Treat in the Midland Busloop, followed by a Dance Night full of fun, games, raffles, snacks and friends!

We are looking for volunteers for that night and the night before (to help decorate). This can be a small amount of your time (30minutes of scooping popcorn for example) or bringing in food or drinks. Please have a look at our SignUp Genius account and see which slot suits you best. Thank you very much!

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