Week of Respect at Midland School

This week is the 'Week of Respect' at Midland School. All week there will be extra focus on the 'Be Nice!' part of our Midland motto. We kicked the week off with an awesome assembly with Prismatic Magic! Matt told our kids about 'Always do RIGHT!' Show Respect, Integrity, be Generous, be Honest and True. The energy in the gym was simply A-Mazing!! I had a hard time choosing what to show you here. So we made a short movie.

This is one off those things PTA money is used for; great assemblies 😁.

Agenda for this week of respect;

Monday 10/7: PTA sponsored Assembly 1:30-2:15 "Laser Team Anti-Bullying",

Tuesday 10/8: * Fourth graders will travel to classes in the afternoon to read aloud to each class Hooray for You! A Celebration of You-Ness by Marianne Richmond. * Teachers show the video "Jessica's Daily Affirmations" (2 minute video) Jessica's "Daily Affirmation" - YouTube

Students can express verbally or in writing 5 things they like about themselves.

Wednesday - school closed

Thursday 10/10 Classes will view The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane Derolf. Every student and staff member will decorate a large puzzle piece to show what makes them special. These will then be put together to create a giant puzzle that will be titled, "We are Midland"

Friday 10/11 11:10am - culminating assembly that will include a game show and 2 short inspirational videos.

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