Use this form to submit reimbursement requests. Note all expenses $50 and more must first be approved by all board members. And because we are a tax-exempt organization, no in-state taxes will be reimbursed. Please use the Exempt Organization Certificate form for all NJ purchases (located in the PTA mailbox). Remember to submit a receipt, invoice, or order form with your check request. All requests for reimbursements must be submitted within 30 days of the expense and once received, deposited within 90 days.

Use the Deposit Receipt form, when depositing cash, checks and Venmo sales. Remember to LIST ALL CHECKS (check numbers and amount). This is important for tracking purposes. If cash is being deposited, there must be two signatures to verify the amount.  Please contact the treasurer to arrange the deposit drop off or pick-up.

Use the Cash Box Request form to request petty cash (cash to have on hand) at your event. Please complete the form and place it in the PTA mailbox addressed to the Midland School PTA Treasurer at least 10 days before the event. After the event, a separate Deposit Receipt form must be filled out for the amount of the cash box request. If any additional money was raised, that amount will go on a separate Deposit Receipt form.

We are happy to introduce digital payment methods for Midland families. Please read our Venmo & Square guidelines thoroughly before your event. The Venmo form allows you to track Venmo sales (the total must be added to a regular Deposit Receipt). Note: Use the Square Deposit Receipt for Square sales. This is designed a little differently to account for the transaction fee. 

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